Aditya - Head Boy

Speech for School Elections – Head Boy

I, Aditya Thakur, was elected as the Head Boy of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School. In this blog, I present the speech that got me elected.

Speech for Head Boy Elections

Good morning everyone,

Another year; another school election and all the prospective candidates have lined up to tell you why you should vote them to power. When I was your age, I didn’t like standing and listening to the ‘to be leaders’ discourse at great length about their qualities and explaining how great they were and surely after some time it got all boring and I simply waited for it to end.

So, before penning down my speech the first thing I did was to google “How to make ‘Sacred Heartians’ pay attention.” Teachers say it is impossible but I thought of giving it a try. And, what I found was: ‘Tell your voters the truth to keep them Hooked’.

Hence, for starters for the people who don’t know me. My name is Aditya Thakur and I am not a Terrorist neither an Alien. I have been around for over 10 years now. You might have seen me moving around the campus with a camera in my hand or poking on the music system during Annual Function or even better for my percentage in 10th standard which surprisingly was 96.7 %

The post I am contesting the elections for is that of the Head Boy aka the Supreme Commander or the figurative head of the Students Council.

Before filing my application I made up a list of qualities which a Head Boy should possess…

A head boy needs to assume leadership and be a representative. Something which I have been doing since 1st grade. It also includes going out and asking for games during my free period, I am a lot experienced in that.

The next thing is something that Sister Molly has often mentioned ‘A leader should have a Vision!’ I too have one that is to provide an approachable leadership where you are free to voice your opinions and raise your concerns. I want you all to discover your Inherent talents and make this year worth remembering for you.

Another trait a leader should possess is Courage which in simple terms means the ability to go up to Sister’s office.

A leader needs to be passionate, disciplined, and an eloquent speech maker at which I am fairly good. He needs to know when to take the blame and How to share the praise. He needs to have the ability to formulate and shape the future rather than being shaped by the events. And, I am ready to be him that is the Head Boy of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School.

My name is Aditya Thakur and I would be elated if you cast your votes in my favor.

– Thank You!

Does this Head Boy Election Speech work?

This speech worked for me and I ended up becoming the Head Boy of the school for the tenure.

Best Speech for Head Boy

It has worked for a number of my subscribers on YouTube. A lot of them have called it the best speech for the Head Boy election in school.

Speech for School Election working for others.

Speech that made me Head Boy (Video)

Video of Speech for School Elections – I became Head Boy using this!